ServiceNow ITSM Processes


Join one of our certified instructors into a live session and learn how the ITSM processes apply in ServiceNow in no time.

All the processes come with real industry use cases along with definition, personas, process diagram and much more.

By enrolling to this live session you will also have lifetime access to the recorded ITSM course.

All enrolled students that have completed the course will be ServiceNow ITSM  certified by IT Life Club.

Scroll down to read about this session in depth and don’t forget to book your slot!

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Learn all there is to know about the ITSM processes and how they apply in ServiceNow.


What makes this course stand out from the crowd?

· Thorough introduction:



o ServiceNow

· Complete course, covers the most important ITSM processes

· Carefully designed, each lecture is divided into 5 parts:

o Definition

o Personas

o Use case(s)

o Process Diagram

o Demonstration(s)

· Quizzes and assignments at the end of each section.

· Engaging instructor (that’s me) ready to answer your questions.

When to purchase this course?

  • You are starting or want to boost your IT career
  • You need a refreshment.
  • You want to explore a new platform
  • Rainy outside?!
  • Quarantined?!

Course outcome:

  • Master ITSM processes
  • Understand how the ITSM processes apply in ServiceNow
  • ITIL foundation ready
  • ServiceNow administration


The numbers of customers who have migrated to the most used ITSM Tool – ServiceNow is exponentially growing. Take this chance to learn about ServiceNow and ITSM processes fast and don’t be left behind.



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